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Repairs come in all shapes and sizes and many of them can be repaired in -situ which reduces the costs considerably.However, if the panel does have to be removed and repaired in the studio, it can still be seen as a good investment as we know that potential house buyers are looking for original features when they are looking at properties. Stained glass adds value as well as colour and style to a property.​




Providing you live within a 30 mile radius of our base in Timperley, we provide you with a free no-obligation fixed quote for every job. We do, however, warn each customer that we cannot always provide an exact match of either colour or texture but we will get as close as we possibly can.


We have been involved in many restoration projects but one of the best known is at the Victoria Baths in Manchester​ which has some of the finest  secular Edwardian stained glass in the North West.


We undertake all types of stained glass work from a simple broken piece of glass to a full restoration of a leaded panel which includes both dismantling and  re-leading.

The main focus has to be on restoring the broken glass to make it look the same as the original. We have over 200 colour/texture options in stained glass and are confident we can provide a close match to the original. In some cases we often can match the pieces exactly from our range of old glass.