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Commmissions for Windows

Much of our work is spent replacing the windows that at some stage have been taken out by previous owners. New buyers of old properties are looking for period features such as stained glass and original wood and plaster work. and are prepared to pay extra for it. So having stained glass replaced can prove to be a good investment.

Commissions for Doors​​

Many customers are simply replacing what would have been original stained glass panels but were "modernised" several decades previously.  Others just want to transform their entrance by creating a bold design and adding colour to a dull uninteresting entrance.

Doors are the most vulnerable area for damage either through "break ins" or mis use over the years with constant slamming.  Much of our work involves repairs to the stained glass in doors and opening windows.  In todays society with concerns about security and heat efficiency, many customers are having toughened glass placed in front of the stained glass or even having them encapsulated by creating a sealed unit between two sheets of toughened glass.